Dried Grain Kills Slugs


Beer is messy.  Salt is bad for the soil.  Vinegar has to be sprayed directly on the slugs.  And to be sure, handpicking has to be one of the least favorite ways to kill slugs in a garden.

Here is a very simple, and dry, method of killing slugs.

Depending on how many slugs you expect in one night, put 2 or 3 tablespoons of cornmeal in a jar.  Lay the jar on its side in the bed or area of the garden where slugs are being a nuisance.  Or use several jars for a larger area. 

The slugs will be attracted to the scent of the corn and will crawl into the jar but won't be able to crawl out.  In the morning just dump the contents into a compost pile or bury in the garden and repeat the following night.




Author Marilyn Pokorney
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