Making Healthy New Habits


It is said that making a new habit so that it becomes part of one's life takes an average of 3 weeks.  Some studies show that it actually takes up to 9 months with the average being a little over 2 months.  At any speed, a good healthy habit is worth the time spent.

Healthy eating habits can be easier with just a few changes.  Experts recommend replacing  your old habit with a new habit.  Keeping the old time or activity just needs to be changed with something healthier. 

Instead of grabbing a candy bar at the same time every day eat something healthy like granola, nuts, seeds or air-popped popcorn at that same time of day.

Eat lunch at the same time but replace the fat-laden burger with a salad.  Exchange the cookie for dessert with a ripe, crisp apple.

At coffee break drink a healthy herb tea or juice instead of a latte full of sugar and fat.

Lastly, take the stairs instead of the elevator when you leave to go home at night. 

Walking is the best exercise for all ages.




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