Control Slugs without Poison  

Slugs! Those slimy little mollusks without shells are one of the greatest nightmares for many gardeners. They are also a common annoyance for beekeepers.

Poisons used to kill slugs are POISONOUS to PETS, WILDLIFE, and CHILDREN!

As a gardener, like I am, you are, most likely growing vegetables organically because of the added health benefits gained by not using poisons.

But never fear, there are many organic repellants, including a COMMON WEED that actually is TOXIC to slugs. One method will certainly be successful in your garden this year.

And................ there is one natural product that is available that works better than the chemical in the purchased chemical bait traps. This ebook reveals the secret!

 HOW TO CONTROL SLUGS WITHOUT POISONS lists over 30 ways you can keep the slugs away from your vegetable and flower plants.


Only $2.99.

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Control Slugs Without Poison