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         NOTICE:  May 20, 2018  :  Some of my articles are on new web layouts so will look different compared to the older ones.   I am now on Pinterest so need to change my webpages to be compatible with that site.  I am updating all pages as my time permits.   Some of the links in the older articles may not be active since I am making updates but the articles are as current as possible. 

As a freelance writer I am always finding new information on the latest news and interest stories.

I write about taking care of home, garden, car and other various home related topics. Gardening includes organic and natural pest control subjects.

I write  about health and fitness, herbs, vitamins and many other topics of interest.


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Health tips and news will be in a new newsfeed called HNews.  http://www.apluswriting.net/HNews/HNews.xml

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Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the articles.



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