Chamomile Tea--A Natural Anticoagulant


For people taking coumadin, or it's generic, warfarin, chamomile tea can be a friend or enemy.

Doctors prescribe coumadin, the blood thinning medication, for people who might get blood clots which can lead to strokes and heart attacks.

Studies show that chamomile, a natural flowering plant of the daisy family, contains coumarin, a naturally occurring compound with anticoagulant or blood-thinning effects.

Patients taking the medications need to be aware that chamomile tea can enhance the blood thinning effects of the drugs so the dosage of the drugs need to be monitored very closely.

On the other hand, drinking chamomile tea may just be enough to prevent the necessity of needing the medications and can be a natural alternative to taking the potentially dangerous drugs.

Also, green tea is very healthful as well and should not be confused with it's chamomile herbal cousin.


Author: Marilyn Pokorney
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