Cockroach Allergy And Asthma



Asthma is on the increase and so is the allergy to cockroaches.

While most people who are allergic to insects need to be stung by the insect, cockroaches need no contact with the asthmatic. Just like being allergic to dustmites, it is the cockroaches discarded shell and feces that become airborne and become a respiratory irritant precipitating the asthma attacks.

While most people aren't allergic to just the cockroach, those who are allergic to dust and mold are most susceptible says an expert at Eastern Connecticut Ear, Nose & Throat.

The German cockroach is the roach causing all the problems as it is the most commonly found species in homes, offices, schools and other businesses open to the public. It can be easily controlled with traps.


Author: Marilyn Pokorney
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