Mosquito Bites Cause Ulcers



Mosquito Bites can cause serious ulcers if mosquitoes are infected with Mycobacterium ulcerans, the same organism that causes tuberculosis and leprosy.

While not prevalent in the U.S. yet, West Nile Virus wasn't a common disease until just the last few years as well.

The connection between mosquitoes and the Bairnsdale ulcer, more commonly called the Daintree ulcer, hadn't been confirmed until now.

The painless ulcer, called the Buruli ulcer, resembles a mosquito bite, and often occurs in people near slow moving bodies of water, or after flooding. The ulcer causes destruction to skin and soft tissue, usually on legs or arms. It is not contagious.

The Buruli ulcer has been reported in over 30 countries including the tropical and subtropical areas of Africa, Americas, Asia, and the western Pacific.

The ulcer can be cured with minimal scarring if diagnosed and treated early.

No matter where you live, control mosquitoes by not letting water sit stagnant and by using organic controls safe for children and pets.

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