Coffee Deters Fleas



Expensive drugs, chemicals, and flea dips can kill fleas but do you really what to be exposing your dog to a bath in insecticide?

There are many natural remedies for fleas. Some people swear by coffee grounds.

Either save your own coffee grounds, take them home from work, or ask at the local coffee shop if you can take theirs off their hands. Most coffee shops are only too happy to have someone take the spent coffee grounds off their hands.

Rub the coffee grounds into the coat of your dog. This is best done outside as the dog will shake itself to remove the grounds and loosen up it's hair after being massaged with the coffee grounds.

While some people have had luck with coffee grounds others haven't. But either way, after a treatment with the coffee grounds, the dog's hair will be extra soft and shiny.

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Author: Marilyn Pokorney
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