Fifteen Billion Slugs



A gardener, or farmer's, nightmare! Even one slug crawling on a prized rose or hosta or lettuce leaf is a horror, so imagine 15 billion slugs!

Wet, mild, winters are perfect for slug population explosions and that's exactly what Britain had last winter. This summer they have so many slugs they don't know what to do. It is estimated that there are 6 slugs per square foot of land. That equals 15 billion slugs in the country.

According to a British farmer and expert, slugs eat twice their body weight every day and each one can lay up to 100 eggs.

At least in the U.S. gardeners don't have to contend with this many slugs but whatever slugs there are they need to be controlled. There are many different methods for controlling slugs in the home garden.

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Author: Marilyn Pokorney
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