Keeping Birds Healthy



In the winter birds can sometimes find it difficult to find food, especially in areas where there is lots of snow.

Use a variety of bird feeders and bird food. Small birds such a finches and chickadees like hanging tube feeders. Larger birds like blue jays, cardinals, and robins prefer eating on the ground or on platform feeders. Use a platform feeder with a roof to keep off rain and snow.

Place feeders in an area out of the wind. It will be warmer for the birds to eat. If possible, place the feeders near bushes if no trees are available. Birds like to have a safe place to fly to when cats appear.

Suet is a favorite of woodpeckers and other birds.

A good selection of bird seed will attract many species of birds. But one all-around favorite is the black-oil sunflower seed.

If you are a flower gardener don't clean up the garden in the fall. Leave the dried plants with their seeds for the birds.

Make sure there is always liquid water available. Buy a water heater and use it. The birds will thank you.

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