Life Lessons From A Tree



With the coming of autumn the beautiful colored leaves of trees catch our eye. But the feeling goes much deeper than that. We could all learn to be better Earth citizens if we lived like a tree.

No two trees are alike and yet all trees live in balance with each other.

Trees take pollutants from the air and produce clean oxygen.

Trees take from the soil only what they need. Trees use leaves and other organic matter in the soil to produce compost which they feed upon only to return the favor with more falling leaves in the autumn.

This clever idea was founded by the director of Eretz Carmel, a non-profit organization to promote economic growth and to preserve the natural environment.

You can help by planting a tree or having a tree planted for a loved one, a loved pet, a sentimental occasion, or simply to help the environment.

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Author: Marilyn Pokorney
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