Onions Control Carrot Fly



The carrot rust fly is a serious pest for gardeners growing carrots. The carrot fly larva hatches in the soil and feeds on the carrot root, rendering the carrots useless.

Companion gardening is an old method of controlling pest insects before pesticides and insecticides were developed. Because no poisonous chemicals are used, companion planting is a healthier way to control garden pests. Rowcovers are another helpful aid.

Onions, in any form, including chives and leeks, can be planted between the carrot rows to keep carrot flies away. The scent of the onion confuses the carrot fly. Likewise, the carrots confuse the onion fly thus protecting the onion plants.

Additionally, when thinning carrot seedlings do so in the evening when carrot flies aren't around. Remove the thinnings and put them in the compost pile. The scent of the carrot plant attracts the fly.

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