Pesticides Reduce Nitrogen In Soil



Pesticides are reducing the fertility of garden and agricultural soils.

For healthy gardens and agricultural crops, including vegetable gardens, nitrogen is a necessary nutrient. But some studies are revealing that pesticides are reducing the plants ability to use the available nitrogen in the soil.

According to an environmental scientist, Jennifer E. Fox of the University of Oregon in Eugene, despite increased amounts of nitrogen being added to soils fertility and crop yields have stabilized and even decreased over the last 40 years.

Fox, John A. McLachlan of Tulane University in New Orleans, and colleagues have discovered that the pesticides bind to the receptors on nitrogen that should be attaching to the roots of the plants.

A much safer and natural alternative to keeping soils healthy is to have plenty of earthworms in the garden. Earthworm casts are an excellent organic way to healthy, productive soils.

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