Plastic Bag Fees



The indiscriminate use of plastic bags is going to cost shoppers.

Very soon, shoppers will be paying extra at the check out for the use of plastic shopping bags.

By the end of 2008 Hong Kong residents will be paying about 6 cents per bag in US currency.

Ireland already has a fee of about 15 cents in U.S. currency since 2002.

In Finland, supermarkets pay a fee on the quantity of plastic bags used, with the proceeds funding recycling.

In Belgium, supermarkets encourage re-use of shopping bags by giving shoppers points on loyalty cards.

Denmark has a tax on all packaging.

Zanzibar has banned plastic bags in an attempt to save its environment. A fine of $2000 and a jail sentence is a very real possibility to anyone making, importing, using or selling plastic bags on that island country.

Plastic bags are responsible for the deaths of many animals, fish and birds, not to even mention the amount of landfill space they require. Even when exposed to the elements, plastic bags can take over 1000 years to disintegrate whereas canvas or cloth bags can be reused for years.

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