Protect Hedgehogs From Slug Bait



Slugs are a nuisance in the home garden. Hedgehogs eat slugs. In fact, hedgehogs are so good at eating slugs that near Ilminster, at Barrington Court's walled garden, nine hedgehogs are employed to keep the garden free of slugs.

In order to protect pets, including hedgehogs, it is best not to use commercial slug baits, but to use any of several safe, natural methods.

Metaldehyde baits are the most commonly used poison baits in the garden for slugs and snails. But this bait is poisonous to all mammals including dogs, cats, birds, children and is toxic for the environment. While it doesn't kill fish it does poison the water. It also kills hedgehogs.

Statistics for poisoned pets aren't kept in the United States but they are in the Great Britain. In 2000 a study reported that ten dogs had been poisoned by the slug bait. It is also impossible for veterinarians to always know what kind of poison an animal has ingested when it's brought in for treatment so the statistics are probably higher.

There are many natural ways to kill and control slugs which are safe for all pets, wildlife and children.

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