Termites Help To Produce Biofuel



Termites, which can eat one out of house and home, just may be the answer to more effective biofuels to replace high-priced oil-based gasoline.

While corn is an excellent source of ethanol, miscanthus, a tropical grass may be a better choice. Miscanthus grows 14 feet tall in just one year, and produces enough mass to produce three times as much biofuel as corn in the same acreage. Miscanthus can be grown in the temperate climate of the corn belt in the United States.

The only thing stopping the production is that miscanthus contains a different type of cellulose than corn does. Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California are studying termites, which can easily digest the cellulose, in order to learn how to do what termites do naturally.

In the meantime, here is a pet and human safe product to kill termites in your home.

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