Tips For Hanging Baskets



Hanging baskets make nice accents to a garden, patio, or porch. The baskets fill in the empty space in the air. But they take special care and extra attention. Here are some tips on how to have beautiful plants in hanging baskets throughout the spring and summer.

Hanging baskets dry out quickly. Mulch baskets just like in a garden to help keep water from evaporating too quickly. Use water "crystals" to help keep the moisture level from drying out too fast. Use the finger test if the basket needs watering. If it is dry when a finger is put into the soil at the depth of the second knuckle, it needs watering. If damp, wait another day and test again.

Add perlite or vermiculite to your favorite potting soil. It will lighten the total weight of the basket and keep the soil loose for good absorption and drainage.

Plants in hanging baskets should be lightly fertilized with either slow release type fertilizers when planted or with water soluble fertilizer throughout the summer. An occasional dressing with compost or worm castings is excellent.

Use natural fiber liners for the baskets. They insulate the soil and roots and let air circulate so there is less chance of disease. The liners can be added to the compost pile at the end of summer.

Deadhead flowers and remove dead or yellowed leaves as they occur. At this time any inspection of the plants will reveal any insect or disease problems early.

If the hanging baskets are hanging in the sunshine turn the hanging baskets around occasionally so all sides receive equal sun and shade.

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