Buying a New Car?


Checklist for Buying a New Car:


You are likely to get a better deal on a car if you know

beforehand exactly what you are looking for and what you are

willing to spend. Therefore, before signing a sales contract

with a car dealer, you may want to:


* Decide which car model and specific options you want.

* Find out the invoice price (the lowest price) of the model

and each option you want.

* Decide how much you are willing to pay the dealer, if

anything, above the invoice price.

* Compare final sales prices with other dealers and buying


* Compare financing costs from various sources, such as

credit unions and savings and loans institutions, with

those of car dealers.

* Find out the value of your old car, independent of a

dealer's trade-in offer.

* Decide if you need an optional service contract or credit



To keep your car in tip top shape:

To get the best gas mileage you can: