How To Give Your Dog A Bath

Bathing your dog helps to keep it healthy as well as clean. Bathing helps reduce the amount of flea repellents you need to use as well as prevents hotspots, a potentially serious problem for your best friend.

Bathing too frequently can dry out the skin and coat so only one bath a month is recommended by experts.

Brush the dog before giving it a bath. Be sure to get all tangles and matts out because the water will make it worse. If a comb or brush cannot remove all the matts use a conditioner or detangler if necessary.

Gather up what items you need before you start the bath: A brush, comb, collar and leash, shampoo, face cloth, and several towels.

If bathing the dog in the bathtub, use a safety mat.

A hand held shower or pail for applying water and rinsing.

Use a dog shampoo which is formulated for the pH of a dogs skin. Human shampoos can strip a dog's coat of essential oils.

Use warm, but not hot, water.

Avoid getting water and shampoo in the eyes and ears. Use a washcloth to wash the dogs face. Do not get water or soap in the eyes or ears!!

Be sure to rinse all the shampoo and conditioner off the dog. If you leave any of this on the dog, it will get itchy skin.

If using a tub, open the drain and let the water drain.

To dry, put a towel over the head. Use another towel to dry off its back and legs. Then gently rub or pat with the towel. If your dog is long-haired don't rub vigorously because you can put mats back in the coat.

To finish use a blow dryer on the lowest setting and hold at a distance so the dog receives only warm air. Use a dryer only if your dog isn't afraid of the noise. To some dogs, the dryer is much worse than the bath.

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Author: Marilyn Pokorney
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