Garage Sale Customers Pet Peeves



When preparing for a garage sale, think of your potential customers and set up your display from their point of view.

Clean clothes and display them neatly folded on tables or put them on hangers. Many customers will simply drive by if they see clothes on the ground.

People going to garage sales are trying to attend as many sales as possible.

Start your sale early. If your city has legal time limits for holding garage sales then use the entire span of time.

Be realistic when pricing items. People attend garage sales for low prices. Charge $1.00 for a hardback book that cost you $19.95. Don't try to get $10.00 for it. You'll sell more books at the lower price than the high price.

Customers like to know who is having the sale so they can ask questions about items. Make it easy for them to find you. Wear a name tag or other type of identification to let customers know who is having the garage sale.

Put price tags on all items. Include big ticket items. Many customers will simply pass by an item rather than hunt you down to ask a price even if they like the item.

It's not always clear to customers that items without price tags are not for sale. To prevent nuisance questions place "not for sale" signs on all furniture, or other large items that you can not move, to prevent customers from asking the price on them.

Put up a large sign saying that all sales are final. Otherwise some customers may try to return items at a later date.

Be polite to customers who stop and don't buy as well as those who do. They just didn't find anything they were looking for at this time but the next time you have a garage sale they will remember your attitude and may come again.

Take down signs after the sale. Garage sale customers do not want to waste time driving to an address that had a sale last week. The next time you really do have a sale, they may just dismiss the sign not trusting that a sale really is at that address.

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