Resume Writing Secrets



In today's world of job seeking the competition is fierce and it requires a striking resume that stands out to the prospective employer.

Beyond the basics of having a neatly typed resume with no misspelled words or grammatical errors, there are several tips that can give an edge over all the other resumes sitting on the employer's desk.

Here are some of those secrets:

*A headline that grabs the employer's attention in five seconds.

*Use numbers when listing achievements.

*Describe past jobs and job you are seeking using the same words that are used in the job advertisement you are applying for.

*Describe your job objective in five or six words.

*Resumes are read quickly so use bulleted lists where possible.

*List your strong points first.

*Use lots of white space and a medium font for easy reading.

*Use plain white paper and a high quality printer. Never let the resume look like it was one of a hundred photocopies.

*Never list age on the resume unless absolutely required. Age discrimination still exists.

*Never lie. With computerized jobs banks and searches, it can lead to being blacklisted for all future jobs.

*List only related jobs held in the past. A history of 10 to 15 years is best.

*Do not include marital status, hobbies, religious affiliation and other personal information unless it relates to the job being applied for.

*Finally, always mail or email your resume so it arrives at the employer's desk on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Mondays are too busy after the weekend and Fridays are termination days.

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